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recon 6 watch

Recon 6 Watch – The New Face of EDC

Tim Ralston, the creator of some of the most impressive multi-function tools out on the outdoor and survival market today, including the Crovel Multi-tool Shovel, NAX Knife/Axe and X Caliber Shotgun Adapter System is at it again! This time with the goal of creating the most multifaceted survival watch you’ll ever own.   Tim’s newest…

Bugout Bag Giveaway CFP-90 ruck sack

Bugout Bag Giveaway !! (CLOSED)

    We are giving away a FREE set of Bugout Bags! This is an Army CPF-90 system that retails for over $150! The set comes with the large pack and a small assault pack that is designed to easily attach to the larger bag if needed. This is one of the most highly rated…