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Download Our Bugout Bag Checklist PDF & Excel to get a complete listing of every item we currently have in our bug out bag.

Our checklists also gives you packing tips and important info to consider when packing your own bugout bag.

Designed to be 100% customizable and free for life! We provide you with Excel versions of the checklists so that you can change the items in your bag or even use the checklist for other projects. 

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BOB Checklists

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Ultimate Faraday Backpack by OffGrid (Link Below to Get 10% Off)

After years of searching, I think I have finally found what I believe to be the best faraday backpack on the market. This OffGrid faraday backpack is super stout and durable. It has a ton of pockets for compartmentalization of your gear. It could be used for EDC, a work bag, and most important, your Bugout bag. I will be doing a full review soon my YouTube channel. For the time being, you can check it out below. As we all know, EMP Shield is one of the best ways to have EMP protection for running electrical systems but, there can still be a need to protect gear that is not plugged in. Faraday cages can be made for $5-$10 but, having an EDC or Bugout bag that gets incorporated into your daily life that also provides protection is also amazing and ensure you always have the EMP protection you would need for your EDC electronics. 

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